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Silverado To Sponsor UCI Mind Conference
Silverado is a proud sponsor for the upcoming UCI Mind Conference - Countdown to 2025: Progress on Ending Alzheimer's Disease.
Where The Jobs Are: Nurses and Caregivers Needed at Silverado "Memory Care" Centers
Choosing a new career is one thing. Getting hired is quite another. Harper made the big jump, though, when she was hired as a case manager at Silverado Hospice.


Making Memories This Fall Season
As the weather cools and leaves change color, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors...
Love Is Greater Than Fear
These five powerful words are the philosophy upon which Silverado bases its operations. Love represents...
Silverado's Top Three Brain Exercises
You will be hard pressed to find someone who wants to be hazy in their golden years. Instead most of us dream that we will remain sharp...
BBC: "Poems Offer Glimpse Into Dementia Patients’ Inner Lives"
Because part of delivering world-class dementia care...
Increasing Need for Caregivers and Senior Care
A recent study conducted by Pew Research Center reports that close to four in 10 U.S. adults are...
Silverado At Home Encourages Families to Take Part in Summertime Fun
We all have a routine – whether it’s swinging by the same coffee shop every morning, walking the dog or, yes, making that trip to...
Spikes of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer’s
Research indicates that the accumulation of amyloid-beta proteins (plaques) is a key component in the onset and development of...
Silverado CEO Talks to Smart Business Magazine About The Company’s Future
At Silverado, we’re fortunate to have a leader who truly stands behind the company’s vision – and has done so since founding...
Understanding Telemarketing Fraud
As media reports have recently publicized, con artists from oversees and the United States are persistently working the phones to...

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6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618
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