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Cypresswood Memory Care Community

10255 Cypresswood Drive
Houston, TX 77070

(832) 604-4499

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Located in Northwest Houston near some of the city’s top hospitals, churches and community organizations, Silverado Cypresswood is a stimulating environment created specifically to cater to the unique needs of those with memory loss and dementia. A warm, welcoming atmosphere where the sounds of laughter and the smell of fresh-baked cookies fill the air, the Cypresswood community is staffed with a team that prides itself on providing the very best in memory care environments.

Ensuring residents’ dignity and comfort is our guiding ideal, so we attend to each resident based on their personal situation. From residents in the early stages of memory impairment to those who need an advanced level of dementia care, our highly-trained staff understands the symptoms of memory loss and their effects. This attention to staff and care helps Silverado provide far more than assisted living - the Silverado senior living experience gives the highest quality of life possible to those with memory conditions.

Activities, Amenities and Features

  • Nexus, an innovative evidence-based program for early stage residents combining science and social engagement.
  • Engaging, purpose-filled environment with a range of activities to appeal to residents’ cognitive abilities and lifelong interests – clubs for cooking, gardening, wine tasting and more. The goal of all programs is to have fun, prevent boredom, boost confidence, develop friendships and provide opportunities for new experiences.
  • Staff specially trained in the challenges of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body and other types of dementia.
  • Family involvement as a key factor in quality of life, so we don’t have visiting hours and meals for visiting family are free.
  • Modern building includes pool table, therapy gym/room, sun room and a number of other conveniences and comforts. The lively senior living environment helps keep residents engaged in activities and socializing with other residents while helping counter feelings of confinement.
  • Stimulating social outings: sports bar visits for men, tea room trips for women, Astros games, Houston Rockets games, ballet, concerts, the circus, barbecues and many, many more! Activities designed with residents’ abilities, interests and histories in mind help keep residents engaged at a higher level and increase their likelihood of participation.
  • Located in the suburbs, 20 minutes from downtown Houston and freeway-close.
  • Shady, tree-lined grounds with lots of open areas. Secure walking paths, a gazebo and a courtyard with a fountain provide a wonderful place to walk, relax and get fresh air. Our secure, enclosed outdoor areas encourage residents to be mobile and maintain strength and balance. This helps foster a sense of independence and freedom while maintaining safety.
  • Large wooded area behind the community provides a relaxing view and a connection to the great outdoors.
  • Resident garden that was built and is maintained with help from the residents. Gardening programs bring back memories and reconnect participants with histories and experiences with agriculture or gardening.
  • Community dogs for companionship and a sense of normalcy: Sandy, who looks like the dog from little orphan Annie, and Cassie, who sounds like a Turkey when she barks. Residents may be able to move into the community with their beloved pets, provided the pet fits in with others. Community animals provide love and companionship as well as giving residents the opportunity to maintain dignity and self esteem by helping provide care to animals if they wish.

Achievements, Awards and Team Highlights

  • 2012 Rising Star Community
  • Tenured associates
  • Staff partners with local hospitals and community organizations to provide a Virtual Dementia Experience
  • Integrity screening for all new potential team members
  • Partnership with University of Texas nursing school to help contribute to the next generation of caregivers
  • Partnership with local high school, whose students volunteer at the community, helps keep residents engaged while raising awareness of memory impairment with the younger generation
  • Administrator Chris Holland was named the Texas Assisted Living Association (TALA) Executive Director of the Year

As you research memory care options we welcome you to compare their features. Download our service comparison document.

Get to Know Us

Local Team

Chris Holland
Medical Director, Dr. Ewan Johnson
Medical Director
Dr. Ewan Johnson
Director of Health Services
Leslie Love, R.N.
Assistant Director of Health Services
Cheryl Chepkwony, LVN
Director of Resident and Family Services
Melissa Cruz. LMSW
Community Ambassador
Gigi McCorkle
Director of Culinary Services
Natasha Freeman
Director of Plant Operations
Vernon Willis
Business Office Manager
Sharon Booher


April Monthly Silverado Wives Luncheon
4/17/2015  ( 12:00 PM )
Join us as we share stories, laughs, and build a sense of community and camaraderie...
Virtual Dementia Tour® CEU Breakfast
4/17/2015  ( 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM )
Knowing what a person with dementia is experiencing can make the act of providing care for them much more effective. 
April Monthly Open Dementia Support Group
4/20/2015  ( 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM )
Connect with other families who understand the emotional and physical challenges you face...
Virtual Dementia Tour® - Multiple Dates
4/23/2015  ( 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM )
Discover the realities of living with dementia while experiencing the overwhelming effects of trying to perform everyday tasks for a person living with memory impairment. 
AFTD 2015 Education Conference
4/24/2015  ( 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM )
Join us for the AFTD 2015 Education Conference, a conference dedicated to the people with FTD, the families, and the professionals who comprise our growing community...
May Monthly Silverado Wives Luncheon
5/15/2015  ( 12:00 PM )
Join us as we share stories, laughs, and build a sense of community and camaraderie...
May Monthly Open Dementia Support Group
5/18/2015  ( 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM )
Connect with other families who understand the emotional and physical challenges you face...


Silverado Brings Second Wind Dreams' Virtual Dementia Tour® to FOX Houston
As dementia affects more and more families across the United States, the Silverado team in Houston had an opportunity to brings awareness to memory-impairing diseases by demonstrating Second Wind Dreams' Virtual Dementia Tour® on FOX Houston this week...
Testimonial: "The staff was very knowledgeable, probably the most knowledgeable of anybody we've worked with..."
"They understood Alzheimer's and dementia, they were the best of anybody I've talked to..."
Art created by seniors to be auctioned for charity
Silverado Cypresswood Memory Care Community is opening its doors for an evening of wine and art - all to benefit a good cause...
Silverado - Senior Living in Houston
Where clinical excellence and warmth are greater than the sum of their parts.
VIDEO: Silverado Celebrates WWII Pilot's 100th Birthday
With the help of the WASP museum, the Silverado team in Houston, Texas recently celebrated resident Mayme Tanner’s 100th Birthday with a party honoring her service to the U.S. Army Air Force...
Medical Experts Gather in Houston for Disorders of Memory Symposium
A meeting of medical minds gathered in Houston on June 7 to discuss memory disorders at the second annual Disorders of Memory Symposium...
Celebrating the Tony's
In celebration of the 2014 Tony awards, our residents enjoyed a live performance at the Houston Family Arts Center...
Testimonial: "I've grown to feel like you folks are part of my family, and that means everything to me."
"Everyone calls your facility Memory Care, but I would say Silverado is simply a CARE facility because the atmosphere of "care" permeates the entire place..."
TALA Hero Awards
Texas Assisted Living Association Honors 2013 Heroes.

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