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Bellingham Memory Care Community

848 West Orchard Drive
Bellingham, WA 98225

(360) 746-0243

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Even before visitors take their first step inside Silverado Bellingham it’s plain to see that this is no ordinary memory care community. Upon entering visitors are greeted with soothing music and the smell of cookies baking – sometimes they’ll even be welcomed by the community’s pet Labrador! Inside residents gather for activities and conversation – a lively atmosphere that allows them to remain social while continuing to enjoy the things that were important to them before their diagnosis.

As the only community in Bellingham specifically dedicated to memory care, the Silverado team provides compassionate, individualized care that is focused on mind and spirit just as much as it is on body. From residents in the early stages of memory impairment to those needing a higher level of dementia care, meaningful engagement and dignified treatment are constants in Silverado communities. This attention to staff and care helps us provide far more than assisted living, giving the highest quality of life possible to those with memory conditions. 

Activities, Amenities and Programs

  • Outdoor areas feature walking trails and a large courtyard with pear, apple and cherry trees as well as blueberry bushes. A wonderful place to walk, relax and get fresh air, our secure grounds encourage residents to be mobile and maintain strength and balance. This helps foster a sense of independence and freedom while maintaining safety.
  • Community is very pet-friendly - Residents may be able to move into the community with their beloved companions, provided the pet fits in with others in the environment. Community animals provide affection and companionship as well as giving residents the opportunity to maintain dignity, sense of purpose and self-esteem by helping provide care to animals (if they wish).
  • “Neighborhoods” within the community cater to residents’ senior living needs, abilities and interests. Care and programs are tailored to meet the specific functional level of each individual resident. Programs within each neighborhood challenge each person appropriately without being too simple or frustrating.
  • Staff specially trained in the challenges of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body and other types of dementia.
  • Age appropriate activity programs (we call them engagements) build self-esteem, maintain dignity, and offer opportunities for growth and creativity. Revolving around Bellingham's wonderful outdoor activities, club programs are designed with residents’ abilities, interests and histories in mind. The goal of all programs is to have fun, prevent boredom, boost confidence, develop friendships and provide opportunities for new experiences.
    • 1954 Packard Patrician car in the courtyard that residents can wash, wax and take care of
    • Yacht Club that allows residents to discuss boating activities and lets those with military background to reminisce about nautical themes, tie knots and more
    • Outdoor Enthusiasts Club, Service Club and our newest program called Tech Crew, where residents discuss and take apart technological items such as radios, car parts, motors and more and discuss how they work
    • Baking and food activities
    • Stimulating outings such as whale watching, fairs and day trips to local farms

Achievements, Awards and Team Highlights

  • Associates who do not have a nursing license or certificate in the state of Washington receive a Home Care Aide Certification, which includes 75 hours of training, a caregiving skills lab and a written test with a hands-on skills exam to test the ability to provide personal care (such as transferring, assistance with feeding, Range of Motion exercises and more)
  • Culinary Director won Best Dessert in Bellingham award for 2013

As you research memory care options we welcome you to compare their features. Download our service comparison document.

Get to Know Us

Local Team

Laura Printy
Medical Director
Richard McClenahan, M.D.
Director of Health Services
Jennifer Nichols, RN
Director of Resident Engagement
Katie Stephens, CTRS
Director of Culinary Services
Steven Lewis
Business Office Manager
Jennifer Anderson
Director of Resident and Family Services
Shannon Webb, MSW
Community Ambassador
Kirstin Hunt



Testimonial: Silverado Bellingham radiates with love for their residents
Testimonial: Thank you to all the wonderful caregivers and staff at Silverado Bellingham
Testimonial: "Oh how to thank you for all that you do!"
Testimonial: Oh how to thank you for all that you do!

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