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Brookfield Memory Care Community

1105 Davidson Road
Brookfield, WI 53045

(262) 649-2285

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One of the newest in our family of memory care communities, Silverado Brookfield exemplifies the warmth, comfort and dedication to residents’ wellbeing that have allowed our style of memory care to flourish. Large curved windows allow plenty of natural light in while also giving residents spectacular views of the trees and fields that surround the community. Lively engagement activities and comforts such as music and the smell of cookies baking help create an atmosphere that is so much more than just assisted living.

Now accepting move-ins, Silverado Brookfield is a state-of-the-art memory care community designed from the ground up to help residents remain social while they continue enjoying the things that were important to them before their diagnosis. Silverado associates provide compassionate, individualized care that is focused on mind and spirit just as much as it is on body. From residents in the early stages of memory impairment to those needing a higher level of dementia care, meaningful engagement and dignified treatment are constants in Silverado communities.

Activities, Amenities and Features

  • Conveniently located 20 miles west of Milwaukee and close to Lake Country
  • Nestled in a beautiful Brookfield neighborhood with a great mix of development and nature, the community property is set right in the middle of homes, a school and a church so our residents can witness the liveliness of the surrounding areas.
  • Age appropriate activity programs (we call them engagements) build self-esteem, maintain dignity, and offer opportunities for growth and creativity. Club programs are designed with residents’ abilities, interests and histories in mind. The goal of all programs is to have fun, prevent boredom, boost confidence, develop friendships and provide opportunities for new experiences.
  • Stimulating outings to local destinations of interest: Lake Michigan, community events, concerts in the park, the community farmers market and more!
  • Comforts and features are plentiful, all designed to provide a lively senior living atmosphere where residents can be active and comfortable -  a beautiful baby grand piano, gorgeous dining area, game room with game tables, several fireplaces, sun room, spa, a large aquarium, huge, beautiful aviary and much more.
  • Great room that overlooks the courtyard has a ski lodge feel where residents can sit and enjoy music while sipping hot chocolate during the colder months. The indoor surroundings are designed to avoid the trappings of an overly-clinical feel, which can lead to a sense of confinement with residents.
  • Wonderful outdoor areas, featuring a courtyard with a gazebo, putting green, fountain, raised planters and secure walking paths, encourage residents to spend time outside and maintain mobility, strength and balance. This also fosters a sense of independence that is helpful in maintaining functional levels.
  • Pets are not only welcome, but encouraged! Residents may be able to move in with their beloved companion, provided the pet fits in with the environment. Community animals provide affection and companionship as well as giving residents the opportunity to maintain dignity, sense of purpose and self-esteem by helping provide care to animals (if they wish).
  • General store that is set up like and old fashioned candy shop where residents can get greeting cards, magazines, snacks, toiletries and other items. Even the simple act of browsing or selecting a gift can do wonders for helping residents feel vital and fulfilled.

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Ongoing event: Family Conversations
You are not alone... join others that share your experience caring for someone with memory impairment.


Testimonial: "My husband has been loved and treated like a family member at Silverado..."
"I feel as though we are all a large community linked together to not only help the residents but also to help the families deal with understanding the very difficult days we face..."
Testimonial: "I am extremely happy with my choice of Silverado Brookfield..."
"I am extremely happy with my choice of Silverado Brookfield. My wife and the other residents are being very lovingly and professionally cared for in my opinion..."
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