A Hospice Volunteer Story: The Give/Get Philosophy

Location : Orange County Hospice 
A Hospice Volunteer Story

By Silverado Staff Writer

Silverado Hospice maintains a committed volunteer division at each one of our hospice offices. These kind-hearted individuals provide companionship and support to those nearing the end of life and to their families alike.

Recently, one of our volunteers wrote a letter explaining her frustration with the continued stress in her personal and professional life. She was overwhelmed with her own difficulties and began to re-evaluate her commitment as a hospice volunteer. “All I wanted to do [that day] was curl up and go to bed,” she explained.

But after a moment of thought, she realized that a benevolent visit was exactly what she needed after a long, stressful day. Here’s what she wrote:

“When I thought about what I’d do there with my patients, I started thinking that I wanted to go… Staying with them there quietly, maybe talking to them, listening to music… [it] sounded so good.” She would later explain that her visit was more than worthwhile, “I liked listening to my patient softly talk… sitting next to her…. It was very comforting” She also explained why the visit had meant so much to her, “For the past few days in a row, I felt so anxious, attacked, treated poorly, irritable, and angry, but when I spent time with my patient that really turned my mood around… I got such therapeutic time when I spent time with them, and now I don’t have that much nervousness or anxiety. It is amazing. I look forward to spending more time with my patients … I appreciate that I was given this opportunity”

At Silverado, we call this the ‘Give/Get Philosophy.’ An integral part of our corporate culture, this belief explains that in order to be happy, one must give as much as they receive. It is a philosophy that permeates through our entire organization and a value that we proudly share – because it showcases the dedicated nature of our associates as they compassionately work to enrich the lives of all those we serve.

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