Common Foods and Their Link to Alzheimer’s

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Common Foods Linked to Alzheimer's 2

By Silverado Staff Writer

Studies have shown a link between the popularity of the American fast-food diet and the soaring number of people with memory-impairing diseases. However, recent advances have found that this link may not be due to the high-fat content of our meals but instead may be due to the chemical compounds found in many products we consume every day.

The culprits, according to many scientists are the nitrates and nitrites found in cured meats, beer, and cheese products. As well as in the fruits and vegetables we buy at local grocery stores and increased through our use of fertilizers and pesticides, which eventually disperse into our drinking water.

A recent segment on the Dr. Oz show explained that shoppers should be vigilant of foods containing a compound known as “sodium nitrite,” as these commonly combine with chemicals in protein-rich foods and in turn create cancer-causing agents. Limiting the consumption of such foods is recommended, but researchers have also found evidence to believe that the effects of these compounds can be reduced by also eating foods that contain Vitamins C and E.  

Unfortunately the arguments for these memory-impairing chemicals and any others that can subsequently minimize their effects are still in debate. Yet, the information is ultimately valuable to our existing body of knowledge of memory-impairing diseases. An addition that will undoubtedly help refine the understanding we have on the progression of such diseases.

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