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The Nation’s Leading Brain Health Experts Gather

This past weekend a group of distinguished medical experts gathered for a weekend in Carlsbad, California for a three-day conference to discuss brain-related diseases facing an aging population, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injury from concussions and neurodegenerative disorders.

Each of the 50 attendees is an on-staff medical director affiliated with a Silverado memory care community or hospice office. Silverado, with 18 years of dedicated expertise in memory care, hosted the annual event to facilitate the exchange of ideas among this world-class team. Each medical director is invited to work with Silverado because of their role in developing innovative approaches to caring for those with memory loss. From award-winning physicians to researchers at the nation’s top universities, these experts add tremendous value to society’s understanding of brain health.  

Silverado was started with a vision to change the way the world cares for and perceives those with cognitive decline. As in past years, Silverado President and CEO Loren Shook kicked off this one-of-a-kind event with an update on the company’s growth, as well as its overall progress in developing innovative care that improves lives.

During the conference, medical directors and other industry experts facilitated roughly 10 workshop sessions that provided updates on a variety of topics, including:

  • A special Alzheimer's Disease Treatment and Research presentation, shared by neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, which gave attendees a detailed update on the latest treatments currently under development as well as recent advances in tracking disease progression.
  • A discussion on Pain Detection, Monitoring and Delivery of Diversionary Therapy, presented by Cary Jardin, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of AccendoWave, a company using real-time brainwave analysis, which provided insight into how technology is reinventing pain management.
  • Several breakout sessions – including one focused specifically on Treatment of Chronic Diseases in Dementia – which enabled experts to engage in frank conversation to inspire problem-solving and best-practice sharing that ultimately benefits the industry as a whole.

As with past conferences, many medical directors voiced their excitement for the opportunity to meet with colleagues. The desire to hear about some of the latest cutting-edge research and the chance to discuss the Silverado approach to putting it into practice every day is a mark of the dedication that makes these physicians such a great match for Silverado.

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