Testimonial: "Thank you to your entire staff..."

Location : Aspen Park 
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"We had to check my Grandma into Silverado today, it was a scary experience for her to leave her home. We were all on edge going into this new environment and we were unsure of what to expect. When we walked through the doors the staff acted like we were all family, they worked so hard all day to make, not only my Grandma comfortable, but offered a ton of support for the whole family and within the first 15 minutes we knew we made the right choice. We loved seeing a company that allowed their employees to bring their kids and pets to work. We loved the resident cat that hung out with Grandma all day. Grandpa and I even sat down and joined in on a sing along to lighten the mood. The staff worked so hard all day, checked in on us often and did everything they could possible do to make this difficult day a positive one. I am so grateful for the long difficult hours the entire staff must need to work in order to provide the care and love to the residence and family members. I am nothing short of grateful and cried tears of relief many time throughout the day. Thank you to your entire staff, for doing what you do, and how you do it with compassion. I have seen many care facilities and this is far and away the best one I've been too. My Grandma maybe sour grapes about leaving home, but we're so grateful as a family and wanted to let you know."

- A.W., A Silverado Family Member

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