Testimonial: "They treat each person with a lot of respect and dignity..."

Location : Valley Ranch 

"Silverado Valley Ranch is all excellent. I like it because they kind of set it up like a home instead of nursing type of center. The rooms with private bathrooms are very nice. You can get private rooms or you can get companion rooms. They have a lot of activities. The staff is great and very well trained. They treat each person with a lot of respect and dignity. I like that they treat them as individuals and not just as a group. I have tried eating there, and the food is excellent. They actually have outdoor area where the residents can go outside and sit. There is a gazebo too. The staff is allowed to have their children come although not in a regular basis. The residents like that because the older people really love the kids. They even have a little playground out there for the kids. They have cats, fish, and guinea pigs, and they'll be getting some birds here soon. They are just on the ball, and I don't know what more they could do to improve. I'm just really impressed with them."

- Cathy, A Silverado family member

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