Testimonial: "There have been more individual acts of kindness by the staff than I can count..."

Location : Beverly Place 
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"My family and I moved my father, who is stricken Alzheimer's, to Silverado Beverly Place in October 2014, after an exhaustive search for the right facility. Our only trepidation was that it seemed too good to be true. As it turns out, that concern was unwarranted... They really are that good!

My Dad lived in an assisted living facility for over two years before coming to Silverado. As his dementia progressed, it became clear that he needed more care, and specifically caregivers who specialize in dementia. We needed a locked facility, so he couldn't wander off, that didn't look or feel like a prison or a nursing home. My research eventually lead me to a company called Heart Light that matches an individual's specific needs with the right facility. Stacy at Heart Light (whom I highly recommend) introduced me to Silverado Beverly Place.

My first meeting with the Administrator was amazing! When I described my Dad's current living situation, and concerns for his safety, she offered to move him in tomorrow! She was talking about my Dad as if he were her Dad, and acting with the same sense of compassion and urgency. Within a week, my Dad was moved in! Silverado even had all of his pictures put up in his room prior to arrival to ease the stress of changing environments.

Of course, it's the people and environment that make Silverado so great, but I have to give a nod to the facility itself...I also like the complimentary valet parking, and the little dogs that run around there. It's hard to describe just how wonderful the staff are. I'm not going to list names for fear I might forget someone, but the Administrator, Ambassadors, caregivers, nurses, social workers, dining room people, and receptionist are incredibly caring, patient and knowledgeable. I'm so appreciative of the work they do every day! There have been more individual acts of kindness by the staff than I can count."

- Dan L.

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