Silverado Medical Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Dementia and More

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Did you know that Silverado has a library of video interviews featuring our medical experts? A key component of Silverado’s world-class memory care and hospice services is physician medical directors who are at the cutting edge of their fields. As an avenue to share their valuable knowledge, we have created a special web page to serve as a hub for family members and professionals seeking answers to important questions about dementia, hospice and more.

Some of the FAQ videos include answers to:

  • Is Alzheimer’s hereditary?
  • Is dementia reversible or curable?
  • What are some of the risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s?
  • Why should someone consider hospice?
  • Does going on hospice mean giving up?

Have a question or topic you would like to see featured in a video? Please visit our FAQ videos to view the dementia and hospice FAQ videos and submit your questions and topics of interest. Be sure to check back often for new questions and answers.

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