Testimonial: "My mother lives here in Peoria at Silverado, and she herself LOVES it there..."


"My Mother lives here in Peoria at Silverado, and she herself LOVES it there. She just celebrated one year of living there. She knows she needs to be where there is help available around the clock, and when we toured the facility we both felt right at home.

It is an excellent design, with a square shaped building with the entire middle area wide open and contained. Gardens to work in, barbecue areas for family get togethers, a misting system which is mandatory in the summer around here, and wonderful patio seating. Inside there are many areas to sit, visit and relax, and my mom is kept busy from the minute her feet hit the ground in the morning to when she goes to bed at night. Obviously there are some breaks during the day, but she is happy, and much healthier.

The staff are ALL amazing. I could name so many, but I would be sure to leave out just as many and would not want to do that. Amber's door (the Administrator) is always open and welcoming. A giant shout out to Christina, the beautiful gal at the front desk who lets you know you are home!

Probably the BEST thing about Silverado, is they do not encourage heavy psychotropic medications!  They try to work with any triggers involved to help the resident."

-Ardelle K

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