Who is an Ideal Resident for THE LOFT?

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The brain-healthy living of THE LOFT is a fantastic option for many types of people - couples and individuals in a range of ages can benefit from the focused atmosphere and comfortable surroundings. 

Continue reading for a few examples of the types of individuals for whom THE LOFT would be ideal!

individuals in a range of ages can benefit from the focused atmosphere and comfortable surroundings. 

Continue reading for a few examples of the types of individuals for whom THE LOFT would be ideal!

Enriched Living 1200X493 Female

Meet "Beth"

Beth is a woman who recently moved out to Los Angeles from New York to be closer with her two adult children and four grandchildren.

She has a diagnosis of MCI, which she owns with a certain amount of pride. Beth acknowledges that she has memory impairment and is very open about it, even to the point where she can laugh about it.  

She is VERY social and loves to surround herself with other individuals in similar shoes. She loves to go on outings so she can be a tourist in the city as well get out of the house and strengthen her bond with newfound friends.

Wherever we go she is the first to find the gift shop so she can shop.

Beth feels very confident and in control of her life, but in actuality, she is in an environment that has been strategically controlled and created for her so that she can feel successful.

Beth’s day in THE LOFT:

Beth will wake up and go to the Bistro for a delicious cup of coffee. She will check in with her friends over a leisurely morning beverage, still in her pajamas. After coffee (or with coffee still in-hand!) she will venture out to the magazine room to catch up on today’s news or for more schmoozing. Then she will check her email or read up on today’s current events before she heads to the gym for a little work out session with our trainer. Afterward, she will head back to her room, shower, change, have breakfast and get ready for LOFT programming to start.

The day will involve something physical and something cognitive as well as some relaxation time. Her grandchildren will join her for dinner and games in the game area. Finally before she heads off to bed, she will join some of the residents for a viewing of the next political debate or Dancing with the Stars before she goes back to her room to read.

Enriched Living 1200X493 Male

Meet "Brian"

Brian is about 65 and athletic. He is social but can be timid at times. His family is local, but he lives independently. Brian has never been a great cook, meaning that he relies on premade/fast food that has caused him to gain some weight and consequently have some health issues. He has not had the greatest judgment of late and the family is concerned about his independence. He drives (not at night), and his family usually picks him up. There has been some confusion with his medications, but nothing serious yet.

Brian’s Day in THE LOFT:

Brain wakes up and heads to the gym. He likes to be the first one in the gym as exercise is still a big part of his life.  After the gym he gets ready for the day. He likes a small breakfast followed by some quiet time. He does participate in the activities, but also likes his alone time. Brian often needs to be encouraged a bit to join, but when he does he usually enjoys himself.

Moving into THE LOFT would obviously help with his isolation and medication management. It would also limit his driving and improve his diet.

Enriched Living 1200X493 Couple

Meet Georgia & Glen

Georgia and Glen recently moved to Los Angeles from Northern California to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Glen has early/mid-stage dementia and Georgia has become his caregiver. Both are retired physicians and led very independent lives prior to Glen’s diagnosis. Georgia likes to say that she was “never a pre-school teacher,” and often shares how she’s getting tired of handling all of the entertaining in addition to all of the household responsibilities. In addition to the stresses of being a caregiver, she is also trying to build a new social base. All of their friends are still up north, so she is actively seeking to create a new social life for herself while also creating respite and activities for her husband.  She is depressed and overwhelmed. The good news is, she is open to change, and Glen is happy go lucky!

Georgia’s & Glen’s day at THE LOFT

Georgia and Glen have both moved into THE LOFT in a converted double room unit. They have set up a beautiful bedroom and sitting room. Glen wakes up first and goes to get a cup of coffee while Georgia sleeps in a bit. They both go in for breakfast and then get ready for a day of activities. Glen is still participating in the outings and programs, but soon he will be moving downstairs to the Nexus early-stage resident floor. Georgia is participating in some of the programs but is also spending time outside of the community getting acclimated to the city and managing their lives. She is also a busy grandmother. She thinks that as her husband gets more settled, especially with the activities downstairs, that she will be able to settle down herself and enjoy more of THE LOFT programs.

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