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Location : Valley Ranch

The View from Valley Ranch

Our yellow Labrador mix, Magnus has a heart of gold.  Rescued from neglect, he is now surrounded by love at Silverado Valley Ranch.  This tender-hearted, fun-loving friend enjoys nosing up to each resident for a pat on the head - as if to say "I love you." He is always ready for a game of fetch and manages to keep at least three tennis balls ready at all times!

Sporting his Silverado bandana, he enjoys going on community outings and is a frequent guest at professional conferences.  In fact, his friendly nature brought so much attention at a recent medical conference that he was introduced as the "special guest". While Magnus happily fulfills his outside "speaking" roles, he loves returning home to his community.  He brings joy, purpose, and unconditional love to residents, families and associates alike.

Magnus 1

Magnus accompanied residents on a trip to the pet shelter, bearing gifts of dog treats and blankets.

Magnus 2

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