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Dr. Kojo Pobee, the Medical Director for Silverado Valley Ranch and founder of MD for Seniors - a medical practice dedicated to long-term care, is now publishing a book called, “Cut Through The Noise, Nursing Home Care In The Baby Boomer Era.”

Because of his experience in multiple nursing and assisted living communities, Dr. Pobee is uniquely qualified to offer advice regarding the selection of a long-term care facility. Dr. Pobee wrote this book to “help families seek quality facility-based health care for their aging loved ones through sound and educated decisions, and encourage them to achieve a loving and supportive environment for family members who are currently in this process.”

We are proud to call such an accomplished individual our Medical Director at Silverado Valley Ranch!

Cut Through The Noise                       

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Read more about Dr. Kojo Pobee on the Silverado Valley Ranch website:


Get more information about Dr. Pobee’s book “Cut Through The Noise”:

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